Shipping questions

wyk3d thought this was worth mentioning said

As we push into the cooler months I’d like to start buying more wine. What is the current state of UPS shipping? I know with Fedex I was able to easily reroute a shipment if I was not going to be home on the random delivery date. Initially when casemates made the switch I did not have that flexibility as I tried and UPS said no but they would hold it at the customer center an hour away with an open for business time of about 4 hours a day during a time most people are at work. I was lucky that I was home the day that shipment arrived but it was not the norm.

During the holiday they don’t even attempt to ring the bell in my area, they instantly walk up with a sorry we missed you sticker if it’s something that needs a signature during a weekday. Has anything improved or do you just have to hope someone is home on the day it ships or risk having it sent back?