Blancjat Glera Frizzante Prosecco "Sur Lie"

Tasting notes & discussion 11

91 Points (Luca Maroni)

  • 24 HOUR SALE
  • Typically $30/bottle from Lea Winery
  • Vintage 2021 from IGT Venezia Giulia
  • Available for AZ; CA; CO; CT; DC; FL; GA; IA; ID; IL; IN; KS; LA; MA; MD; ME; MI; MN; MO; MT; NC; ND; NE; NH; NJ; NM; NV; NY; OH; OK; OR; PA; RI; SC; SD; TN; TX; VA; VT; WA; WI; WV; WY
  • Sold by participating winery or licensee, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About Lea Winery: “Lea Winery was born from an ambitious idea: To become the largest producer of natural wines in Italy. The estate is accomplishing this goal, and today, they’re not only one of the largest natural wineries in the country but have also achieved the highest quality in their wines, which are accompanied by numerous accolades and several 90+ awards.“

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