Hoi Polloi Mixed Reds

  • Typically $34/bottle from Hoi Polloi
  • Vintage 2014 from Estrella District Paso Robles
  • Available for AZ; CA; CO; CT; DC; FL; GA; IA; ID; IN; KS; LA; MA; MD; ME; MI; MN; MO; MT; NC; ND; NE; NJ; NM; NV; NY; OH; OR; PA; RI; SC; SD; TN; TX; VA; VT; WA; WI; WV; WY
  • Sold by Hoi Polloi Winery, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About Hoi Polloi Winery
Always good when the winery can make themselves look quirky for me:

“Basically, we’re the riff-raff.” Could just stop it right there, right? Seriously.

“You know the usual picture? Castles, vineyards, glossy write-ups in Wine Spectator Magazine? Yeah. That’s definitely not us. Our simple take on things:

Damn good tasting wine: check
Quality over quantity: check
Three undercapitalized working stiffs? Definitely check”

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