Red Car Sonoma Coast Syrah

  • Typically $38/bottle from Red Car
  • Vintage 2012 (Study results in 2012 by the Ecology Center indicate that “new car smell” might actually be unhealthy)
  • We can safely guarantee that this wine does not have “new car smell”
  • The 2012 received a 90 from Vinous and previous vintages have traditionally scored 90+ with Wine Enthusiast
  • Sold by Red Car Wine, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About Red Car Wine
Despite the automotive-reminiscent name, Red Car Wine takes a very natural approach to winemaking. Hands-on farmers primarily using their own fruit, the winery naturally prides sustainability. In fact, they take it a step even further by integrating biodynamic and permaculture systems into their farming to find nature’s ideal pathways. To them, wine has a deep connection to nature, as a wine is largely a product of its terroir. The winemaker, then, must allow the terroir to form that wine, unhindered, to truly communicate its sense of place.

They were one of the original Rhône Rangers (see Issue 4 of Casemates) and have been producing Syrah longer than any other varietal.

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