King Estate's North by Northwest Riesling

  • Typically $12/bottle from King Estate Wines
  • Vintage 2015 (A new King of Saudi Arabia is crowned. Coincidence? Yes. The definition of a coincidence.)
  • A vivid, golden straw color. Like a decadent golden sippy straw fit for a king.
  • Oh. Not that kind of straw. Okay, like a hay bale for the king to land in when he’s defenestrated.
  • Sold by King Estate Wines, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About King Estate Wines

On the border of Washington and Oregon, King Estate and North by Northwest have been dealing in Pacific Northwest varietals since 2005. Focusing on the Walla Walla Valley and Columbia Valley AVA’s, one of their key goals is maintaining sustainable vineyards. Under a simple vision to make affordable but artisan-crafted wines for everyday enjoyment, the King family lets the quality of their grapes speak for themselves.

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