Six Sigma Ranch Sauvignon Blanc

-Typically $20/bottle from Six Sigma
-Vintage 2016 (2016 and it’s Six Sigma, coincidence?)
-Yes. It is. What isn’t a coincidence is that it got a 90 from Wine Enthusiast and has earned multiple awards
-That’s what we call by design
-Alcohol content of 13.4%
-Sold by Six Sigma Ranch and Winery, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About Six Sigma Ranch and Winery
They have a wine cave. A wine. Cave. Enough said.

Okay, okay, Six Sigma Winery came into being in 2005. Located in Lake County, California, it sits on a 4300-acre working ranch with multiple vineyards that’s been integrated into the environment and protective of the natural wildlife. One of these vineyards is the Christian’s Diamond Mine Vineyard. Now, I know what you’re thinking: calling your vineyard a diamond mine is pretty presumptuous. It would be, BUT this vineyard is literally on top of a field of diamonds. Okay, a field of volcanic quartz very similar to diamonds. Close enough.

Focused on a natural, hands-off winemaking philosophy and producing small, high-quality lots, Six Sigma’s got some gems of their own.

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