J Dusi Pinot Grigio

  • J Dusi traces its family roots back to the Dusi Winery of the 1950s
  • No relation to new jack swing quartet Jodeci, as far as we know
  • That would be awesome, though
  • Sold by J Dusi Wines, fulfilled by Wine Country Connect

About J Dusi
"Bringing J Dusi into the public realm of the wine industry has been a life-long dream for me. I grew up living on the vineyard, participating in grape farming, and begging for my Grandfather to teach me the winemaking process.

"My first vintage was when I was sixteen. My Grandfather guided me through the process from recollection of the days when his family ran the original ‘Dusi Winery’ back in the '50s. I learned, from him, the REAL Italian way to make wine, which happened to be a light variation of today’s California styles wines.

“My Great-Grandparents, Sylvester and Caterina Dusi settled into Paso Robles in the early twenties. They had three sons; Guido, Dante and Benito Dusi. They were active proprietors in many local businesses including vineyards, farming, restaurants, and Dusi Winery. I was born and raised on the vineyard that my Grandfather Dante, his father and two brothers planted in 1945. As vineyards were rare in the area at that time, Zinfandel was the Italian varietal of choice. They implemented the farming practices of head pruned vines and no irrigation, dry farming. Today, 65 years later, we still carry on their farming traditions and uphold one of the areas most loved vineyards. Dusi grapes can be found in some of the most sought after Zinfandels in Paso Robles.”

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