Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the story here?

You know how you like drinking wine? And you know how you like having friends? Casemates lets you buy wine in bulk and split it with your friends or other vinous acquaintances. And if you don’t know anyone in your area who wants to split a case, you can find one in the forum.

How do I find a potential “case mate”?

First, go to the forum. Then snoop around for existing topics in your area. If you don’t find one, post your own by hitting “add topic” in the upper right. Don’t be shy – unlike many online communities, ours isn’t toxic.

When do new wine events launch?

The easiest way to tell when there will be a new wine event is to check the countdown timer in the footer of But generally speaking, there are new events at midnight eastern each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (lasting until the next event launches).

Can I just buy the wine for myself?

Sure, don’t let anybody tell you how to live.

How long does shipping take?

It depends, but if you’re planning a dinner party in the next few days it’s probably wise to pick something up locally.

Why don’t you ship to my state?

Because of the byzantine labyrinth of state and federal laws regarding online alcohol sales. Don’t blame us, blame winner-take-all political partisanship and incrementalist lawmaking — or something.

Who makes the wine?

Winemakers, mostly. We don’t get our feet dirty with that business.

What’s this “Wine Country Connect” that fulfills the orders?

See "byzantine labyrinth of state and federal laws” above. We can’t fulfill the shipments, so our friends at Wine Country Connect do that for us. Oh, and we can’t technically sell the wine either. The winery does that.

What are you, then?

That’s something we ask ourselves every day. We’re basically an advertising platform for these wines. It’s complicated and boring.

How can I change which emails I get?

You can update your Email Subscriptions directly from Your Account page

I forgot my password, how can I log in?

You can reset your password and we’ll send you an email with a reset password link. If you joined via Facebook, use the Facebook logo on the sign in page and you’ll be signed in automatically.