A Wellington Question

Mark_L thought this was worth mentioning said

I’ve got a question for those with a bit more Wellington experience than I have. I’m faced with having to reduce my storage, and I have quite a bit of Wellington. I want to try to distinguish which bottles merit greater care (i.e., more age worthy) and which I should consume on the earlier side. Of course, Victory falls into the “age” category. What I particularly want to find out about are the which Cabs (the ones I know I have are Sonoma County, Mohrhardt Ridge, Handel-Denier) and Zins (Sonoma County, Estate, Meeks Hilltop) I should consume earlier and which I should try to store longer.

I know that Peter once had some comments in the threads on the past site, but trying to delve into dozens of Wellington postings there would be a bit daunting. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.