Changing shipping after order


After what I would describe is one of the saddest interactions with a support org I’ve had in recent memory dealing with Morningsave (I’ll save you the drama) I figure I’ll pose the question here instead. Has anyone had luck changing the shipping address either before or after tracking numbers have been issued by Casemates/Wine Country Connect? My recent order for the Y.Rousseau Tenant deal is destined for an address that won’t have anyone there to accept delivery by the time it’s slated to ship/arrive at the end of the month. Didn’t know that at the time I placed the order obviously. Support has said they can’t cancel the order since it’s over 24 hours since the order was placed (Casemates policy) and they can’t change the shipping destination either even though I’m likely 2 weeks out from getting tracking info. Estimated delivery was 7/23-7/27. Has anyone been successful changing the shipping destination with USPS/FedEx/UPS (whoever Wine Country Connection happens to use) after getting a tracking number? I’m trying to avoid the problem before I end up with wine going bad sitting in a likely hot fulfillment warehouse for a very long time.

Thanks for your feedback.