Could this work for wine idiots?


I enjoy wine but know zero about it. I have plenty of friends who like wine but they don’t seem like they know any more than I do. My question is, will the offerings be explained clearly and thoroughly enough that someone with no background in wine could know what they’re getting (which is to say, what they should buy/are likely to enjoy) and maybe even explain WHY it’s a good wine/good deal to their friends?

If this aspect isn’t something y’all have considered strongly, then let this stand as a suggestion that I know at least a few people who would sign up if it meant that offerings on the site had down-to-earth, comprehensive information about them (especially given that the deals would need to be quickly actionable based on how Casemates works). Here’s a made up example of the information I’d hope for, leaning on something I know slightly more about:

“This is a ‘Belgian Style’ product, meaning (in broad strokes) that hops generally take a backseat role–more specifically, it is ‘dry hopped’, meaning that the hops (floral and bitter flavors) are added after the boiling stage, which leads to minimal bitterness. If you don’t mind sweeter, less bitter beers–if you may be serving to ‘non-beer people’–this would be a great choice for you as the bitterness of IPAs and similar beers are often a taste acquired over time through beer exploration. Also, the alcohol percentage is generally 3-4% higher than many mainstream beers, so you may not need to serve as many bottles. This beer ranks very favorably in its price bracket, and its flavors generally skew towards dark brown sugar, allspice, and bananas. Expect to serve 1-3 bottles of this per person in a given evening. This beer pairs best with heavy savories such as roast beef, smoky burgers, or even fondues. Normal average price per bottle is ___ but we are offering it for ____ . This is a (new or old) style of beer and (is rare or commonly available.)”