Inland Empire, California, Local Gem


I have seen this place since it opened up, never went in. In all honesty, I thought it was just a fancy named wine shop. Boy was I wrong.

State Street Winery in downtown redlands.

They don’t grow their own grapes, the source them globally. But they have gems. In addition to a decent selection of whites and reds, they make fruit wines, that you know what wine they started with and what they added. An apple Reisling for example or a Pomegranate Zin. Not for everyone but…

And they make port. Apparently they are selling it out within days of making by word of mouth only. Was told they made a caramel port fortified with corn whiskey instead of brandy and it was a huge hit. They make a Mexican Coffee Port, which I would and will buy untasted if they make more, and of course, the more common chocolate. Supposed to have more in February, hopefully before v-day, we’ll see…

So if you live around here and have never been there give it a shot. Very small scale but decently done.