Looking for a 1995 Wellington Syrah

emals thought this was worth mentioning said

Back in the days of WineWoot my friend Tom educated me on all things wine. We both quickly fell in love with Peter Wellington’s wines. My dear friend Tom was diagnosed with stage four cancer almost two years ago at the age of 69. He fought it and made it through Covid and his 70th birthday. Last summer my sister and I took care of him in his last days in his home until he passed. He told his children that he wanted them to have me selected a few bottles from his collection. When it was all said and done I wasn’t given that gift. Instead they selected a few bottle for me. The only bottle I really was wanting from his collection was that 1995 Wellington Syrah. Tom and I would talk about what special occasion we would open that one. Since he is now gone I am hoping to find one and open it in celebration of his life. If any of you know where I may be able to fine this bottle please let me know. Much love to all of you out there in wine world!