Napa Vineyard Visit Recommendations?

jakezim went on a bit of a rant said

Hi fellow Casemates! If ever there was a question to put to your hive mind, surely this is the one. I’m making an upcoming visit to Napa with three generations of family, and I’m tired of visiting corporate wineries and having predictable tourist experiences. The whole reason we buy from Casemates is to support and interact with real people making interesting wine and doing it their own way. That’s where we spend our retail/shipping dollars, so it seems like it’s where we should spend our travel dollars too.

Obviously this would be an easier question if we were spending quality time in the Russian River Valley or Oregon or what-have-you. But we ain’t! We’re staying in downtown Napa, and that just is what it is. So given the geographic constraint, I invite your opinionated thoughts… where can we find real people, making great wine, from whom we can actually learn something from a visit, despite being housed in downtown Napa and traveling with both a small kid and one or two grumpy grandparents?