Napa/Sonoma trip advice

hscottk thought this was worth mentioning said

Hi fellow Casemateys! Hoping to tap into the hive mind on this one. This is our first trip to the area, and our first wine tasting “trip” so we’re newbies. WB has tons of general info, but is somewhat overwhelming.

If you had to choose between Napa and Sonoma for 3 days of tastings, which would you choose? I’m assuming we don’t have time to do both. Any suggestions on the following are appreciated.

-Can’t miss wineries. Site beauty, unique experience and good juice are all factors for us.

  • Hotel location. Is there a good home base for either location that doesn’t totally break the bank?
  • Restaurant recs and other sage pearls of wisdom

I should add, we have about 6 days total for Marin, Sonoma, and Napa but would like some time just to explore this incredible area. But we could add a day if it really made sense to do so.