Planning Ahead on Purchases


This is a question for WineDavid and those who run the site. I know this is a daily(or mostly 2 day) site with the purchasing window being open for that time frame. That is fine and I really like the format. Have you guys ever considered posting the full weeks schedule in advance though so we could plan our purchases for the week accordingly? Obviously given the logistics of putting together the wines and the rattage show you know the schedule far in advance of posting the new wine on the scheduled days. I just find there are weeks when I wait to purchase something thinking maybe something I would prefer will come up later in the week and I think I can speak for most of us budgets do not allow unlimiting purchases. I then pass on something I might like to try and end up buying nothing when wines later in the week either do not interest me or are not available in my state of Illinois. Just a thought and as I said I am in favor of the current two day purchasing window. Would really like to know what is coming throughout the week though.