REI sucks. (Notably their Co-Op product and service.)


Love the outdoors. Therefore, easy target for the big names. REI has forever lost my business. I called them after a 180 dollar rain jacket took on water (Goretex brand) and was hung up on the call center when I said you are not employed by REI, can I get a number to the actual REI?

That, then, led me to have to call the local store, which sold me the faulty jacket. They put me on hold for 8 minutes, only to say, nah, son, we don’t give out corporate numbers.

MY JACKET TOOK ON WATER. For nearly 200 dollars. A goodamn plastic poncho would be better. And at no point, despite photos and evidence, did anyone at REI/Goretex Op Management ask what was wrong? Just FYAD.

Just buy from the manufacturer, no reason to go to REI when that is how they handle products. 14 days, no one replied “we are sorry” Do you really want to give this company money?

Don’t be shocked that you have to load more reviews to get an honest, not free product one.