Socal Swap Meet #1 11/14/20

CorTot went on a bit of a rant said

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Howdy to all the locals I’ve not seen in a year or more.
I was thinking that there is probably quite a pent up need to get peoples wines out of your cellar and into theirs and of course see all your favorite Maters.

Looking at our calendar we are busy on Saturdays in October but could do November 14th.

I am offering up my backyard as a meet up location for swapping bottles(cases) and maybe partake in a socially distanced bit of wine tasting/socializing. Maybe WD can ship some upcoming offers to make it fun. Many of you have been here before and there is quite a bit of room in the backyard, November is typically a cool month.

I have several cases that need to go (mostly Ron) to their rightful homes and I think there is a bit of wine out there for me as well.

We will need to see what people are comfortable with but this feels overdue.

Location: Glendora
Time: Late afternoon to whenever Sparky shows
Wine Theme: TBD
Food: Depends on peoples comfort level
COVID: Not Welcome

Feel free to chime in on the overall idea and what you might be comfortable with and add anyone to the thread that I may have forgotten. Overall we want to be inclusive so will be conservative on this. We have been a locked down household (except family) and don’t want to jeopardize anyone’s health.

If we get closer to the day and we see a nasty spike in cases in LA county we will more than likely cancel the social part and make it only a Swap Meet if anyone’s still interested.