SoCal #53: Temecula Gathering?

hershelk thought this was worth mentioning said

Though my home base is generally out with the NoVA crowd, my wife and I will be renting a house in Temecula for a month this winter from the end of Feb till the end of March. I thought I might find interest for some of the SoCal group to come out to Temecula for a tasting. With a little foreknowledge of the size of the group, I could probably arrange a couple of winery tastings, followed by more at the house. We are renting a nice size home with plenty of room. Possible dates are the weekend of Feb 22nd or March 16th. Not sure if there is generally a preference for Saturday or not. March 16th weekend is preferred as I will have friends visiting, that I’m sure would enjoy it.

If someone else is planning to host something in the SoCal area, I could join if over the weekend of February 22nd. It would be great to see some folks that I haven’t in several years.