Special re-pack from FedEx


So I went to my local Walgreens to pick up my wine delivery to find an odd shaped box. Even the store manager, who I am now on a first name basis with, noticed that this was an odd shaped box and weighted on one end. He’s learned that I’m picking up wine, and that it is always the same size box. Seemed odd at the time, but I thought maybe something else was going on. Got the box home to find out that it had been repacked by FedEx because they destroyed the original box. I figured this out because the new box was from Veritiv, and no one buys from them unless they have to, and the attached label was re-taped to the box. Somehow FedEx shredded the original box, and most likely it was crushed by automated machinery, based on the amount of oil that was on the bottles. Thankfully, and kudos to to @winedavid49 and company for doing a great job with their packaging that my wine made it safe and sound.

Anyone else have these issues with FedEx? This isn’t the first box that has been damaged heavily during transit.

Wine Box label