Supreme Court DTC, and other shipping issues, decision


A cut-n-paste from a Full Pull emailer

Supreme Court UPDATE: Wine lovers (consumers and retailers alike) got a big win yesterday at the Supreme Court. Here is W. Blake Gray’s piece from wine-searcher. The TL;DR version is: this should* take retailer interstate wine shipping out of the legal grey area it has been in for my entire career. The asterisk is because this will still take work in each individual state legislature. If you’re interested in participating in that work, please sign up and join the fight at Wine Freedom. I’d like to publicly thank Daniel Posner, President of the National Association of Wine Retailers, for securing the services of the inimitable Paul Clement to write our amicus brief, and I’d also like to thank Tom Wark, Executive Director of NAWR, for his tenacity in the legislative battles to come. Onwards.