So I’m not sure about the economics of Casemates and will quickly bow out if this is just not a feasible thing, but is there a reason for the concentration of mainly California (some OR/WA) and 5 or so grapes? Are the logistics and prices just not doable for a group like this to introduce some new and unique offerings?

Does it need to be producers of a certain size before we can get a bulk discount? More just generally curious. Not sure how many cases can or need to be “guaranteed” through Casemates to get a vintner on board or if that is how it works.

Just something I was thinking about as I see so much of the world adapting right now and considering options they never did before. I don’t want to give short schrift to the winemakers that have been part of Casemates or anything like that. I know so many operate on a razor’s edge. But seems like an opportunity to find some new stuff from small producers that generally catered to restaurants and the like and need guarantees for their grapes before they decide if they’ll still exist.

Food for thought. And like I said, I don’t know what is involved in getting wines from abroad, especially with the tariff happy one. But there are lots of interesting vineyards out here, too, that are looking for lifelines.