Wine Country Connect's Warehouse Clearance 'Box of Junk'


Today only, Wine Country Connect’s Warehouse Clearance ‘Box of Junk’ - $30 Worth of “Merchandise” for only $9.99 (67% off List Price)
Sold by: Wine Country Accessories

WCC’s signature 'Box of Junk" will include at least $30.00 worth of merchandise (probably a lot more):

Something from Metrokane
Something from W&P
At least 2 Wine Stoppers
At least 3 Wine Bags
At least 2 Sets of Coasters (4 Coasters per Set)
At least 2 Packs of Cocktail Napkins (10 Napkins per Pack)
At least 2 Corny Wine Signs
Probably some Wine Charms
Maybe some Cheese Making Kits
Some will get the items above…and some will get A LOT more value. In general, we’re planning to include around 15 individual items per box, but each box will definitely have at least $30 of stuff in it.