Wine Fridge help


I’ve been getting by with a 20 bottle wine cooler and 60-72° passive cellar (combination of racking and boxes) for many years.

I just saw the new Costco flyer and am very tempted by a hefty upcoming sale on a 155 capacity Vinotemp (Element) unit. For those experienced wine fridge folks out there, a few random questions.

-What do you think of Vinotemp? Is the Element series a step down?

-Is it really necessary to keep standalone fridges 6" from the wall at the back? This is what most spec sheets seem to recommend, but we certainly don’t do this with our regular fridge.

-I also see the dual zones hold approximately the same # of bottles. How do you all handle temperature settings when you have a majority of bottles of either red or white (red in my case)?

Thank you, Casemates hive mind! For those interested, here is the link to the unit that comes in black/stainless. Note the difference isn’t just color; it has different handle types and location of the temp display.