Casemates Site Tools


@snapster @dave @winedavid49
Still hoping that the Casemates development team is going to be rolling out some tools that we can use to facilitate the splitting of cases. Whispers are better than nothing but that’s about the best I can say for them.

Unless you catch the whisper email notification you cannot even tell there was a message because the thread title remains grayed out despite the new (to you) message/reply and I am finding that they can also lead to more complications than solutions when you have multiple people wanting to buy and split and they are including or not including people in their whispers, coupled with the fact that some are not using the whispers and can’t see what others are whispering about, possibly leading to false conclusions about who is buying and who is splitting.

The Kickstarter campaign crushed the Goal amount ($120,000 raised vs. a goal of $50,000) and it was believed by most of us that there would be a well developed website with user friendly message boards and a robust set of site tools available to facilitate splits. No such luck and the only response I have seen to questions about site development is “working on it”.

That’s great and I hope it’s true but how about requesting some input from site users? That could only help ensure that whatever site tools/development are incorporated will actually be both useful and user friendly.

To that end, I would like to suggest that these future site tools include an Allocation module. The person buying the case can be designated as “Buyer” and can allocate anywhere from 1-12 bottles as available to potential “Casemates”. It might be advisable to first form User groups, however. Groups of people who are in close proximity and willing to share with each other. The users who belong to the buyer’s group can claim the available bottles on a first-come first-serve basis until the case has been fully allocated or the offer expires. The buyer would have the right to edit the availability of unclaimed bottles but would be obligated to share with those who have already claimed bottles.

Additionally, there should be a Payments module so that users can pay for their allocated bottles. Casemates should automatically compute the per bottle amount paid by the buyer including any taxes or shipping fees so that users know exactly how much they will pay per bottle. Casemates can partner with a payment processing website such as PayPal to handle these transactions. Buyers who are willing to accept direct payments from their 'mates would have a button they could click to indicate that payment has been received.

Unfortunately, nobody has asked for this input but here it is anyway. Hopefully others have some additional suggestions to improve the Casemates website buying,sharing and messaging experience.

If website tools and enhancements are not in the works, then I suggest a $70,000 prize giveaway to thank those who so generously “kickstarted” the Casemates website.