Greater SoCal/Temecula Event Feb 15th. 2020

hershelk thought this was worth mentioning said

I am back in Temecula for this winter and realized my schedule is beginning to book up and seeing if we can put together another event. It was a lot of fun last winter. Since then Lisa and I have bought a house out her with a beautiful view overlooking the Temecula Valley so we have a great place to host.

We can have it in Temecula and depending on the date we have up two 2 spare rooms. I could try to set up a tasting at another winery as well. We are also willing to travel if that works best.

January and march are full up, but any weekend in February can work with the following caveats.

Feb 1 weekend - wide open
Feb 8 weekend - only one spare bedroom and would have to be in Temecula
Feb 15 weekend - wide open
Feb 22nd weekend - Lisa will be gone
Feb 29 weekend - Lisa will be gone

Let me know who is interested and what your availability is