Kickstarter Has Ended! Backer Concerns/Questions here

snapster posted about a kickstarter said

We did it! Congratulations everyone!

our first event launches Monday 12am Eastern Time

We have sent surveys to link VMP with Mediocre account usernames and that linking work will start later today.

We’ll also be working to work through chaos we created with some reward levels allowing for additional tickets and VMP by adding funds.

T-shirt sizing will be handled by sale events with zero transaction costs where you pick your size(s). This works better than doing it through Kickstarter for sizing and tracking purposes. It will also allow you to ship them wherever you like if you designated someone else to get your shirt(s).

We’re working out detail on Remote Party Packs. Kickstarter wants us to get your address, so go ahead with that step assuming we might ship the party packs there. If we need to run a Casemates event to allow for better tracking / email confirmation, we may require that info a second time (like above on the shirts).

We’ll figure out more info on coupons to be issued to previous VMP and something to throw in for folks who followed instructions precisely and did the $60 level even when earlybird $50 was still an option (using backer # as our less-than-perfect but only method).

We do have our official support contact form up and running for private inquiries but the CS team itself is not set up to handle VMP linking or additional reward confirmations. So you might receive a ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ until we give them visibility on the process.

For now, use this thread to share concerns or help resolve those others have as we work through the queue and solve for confusion.