Buffalo/WNY "Formalized" Icewine Festival 2020 Activities Canceled

bahwm went on a bit of a rant said

Hi Gang! Due to a number of different reasons, ddeuddeg and I will not be organizing our normal “Icewine Festival and Taste of Buffalo” activities during the month of January. Sorry for the late notice. A few people have contacted us privately to ask about plans, and I responded to them.

I’ve had a crazy change in my work situation, been dealing with nasty back pain issues since the summer, and a few other things. Unfortunately, our dear friend and chef extraordinaire, Mike A, decided to close Seabar, and so, our perfect, private venue with all kinds of amazing personalized food and service is no more. Chef Mike has another restaurant, but it is a Mexican restaurant that does not have the space needed for us to have a private event, nor does it have the kitchen space. Mike suggested that we try to work with one of the “younger” chefs in the area. ddeuddeg and I are working on coming up with a new venue for next year.

Hopefully, with a year to plan, we’ll be able to come up with a new venue for Saturday night’s dinner and many of you will be able to join us! The Festival runs the last three weekends in January. A valid passport is needed to cross the border into Canada.