Casemates stages of denial

foxrunner thought this was worth mentioning said

When you check the new offering how do justify purchasing?

  1. I don’t know the winery… I’m not in
  2. I like but don’t love the varietal…Remember your SIWBM
  3. No Lab Rat Reports yet…The kids do need to go to College
  4. My state will not be shippable… The Rats are in with Winery participation
  5. OK the Rats are in but they have found some minor flaws…the rats are wrong and my palate is here to prove it
  6. Chipgreen says "It isn’t a GREAT discount per case…My Casemates buddy will let me buy 6
  7. The cellar is full…Maybe I can fit the four pack
  8. The offering is wonderful but it is too expensive…I’m not buying wine locally anymore
  9. RPM autobuy… SWMBO is going to be furious
  10. I just hit the button on a case…This is too good to share