Non Traditional Wines

Cerridwyn thought this was worth mentioning said

I’m here, never quite figured out why, still hoping for more than wine, but it’s not that I don’t drink wine, it’s that I don’t drink traditional wine. I have just never cultivated a taste for it, and it’s not for lack of trying. I love craft whiskey, and third wave coffee for their subtleties and uniqueness (less so on coffee these days.)

I do drink non traditional wines - drinking a nice pear wine tonight. I drink mead (of course), ice wine, may wine, etc.

If you have something you love that is not traditional, I’d like to know to maybe get a bottle and try it, well, just cause. Herbal, other fruit, whatever it might be.

And I haven’t tried chocolate wine yet. I look at it, and just haven’t been able to go there.