Problem with customer service


Apologies for airing this publicly, but I have been trying to get a problem solved for a long time now via the normal channels (“I have an issue with my order” web form and follow-up e-mails), and have not received a single reply to my messages in over a month.

I reported a problem with one of my shipments – a single bottle in the case had broken during shipment, soaking the packaging and wetting most of the other eleven bottles. I reported the issue using the “problem with my order” web form, and received an e-mailed reply requesting pictures of the damaged bottle and the shipping label. I replied, supplying the photos and requesting only a partial refund for the one broken bottle. (The other eleven bottles were fine after rinsing and drying them.)

I e-mailed again two weeks later, requesting status. No reply.

More than two weeks after that (literally 35 days after I e-mailed the requested photos), I tried again, e-mailing to ask what the status was. Still no reply. I’ve checked, and I have also not received the requested credit for the one broken bottle.

Can one of the fine WCC employees who browses the forum check on this and find out why I’m being ghosted by customer support? None of my messages have been abusive or rude. I know shipping damage is not CS’s fault. But I should at least receive some kind of communication regarding the problem, whatever their decision is with respect to the partial refund.