Recommendations in Bay Area


Back in 2015, on the old site, I asked the fine folks there about wineries to visit in California with my family, including some kids not old enough to taste wine. The focus then was on wineries that offered something that might interest the non-drinkers in our group while the others sampled wine. I got lots of great advice, and everybody enjoyed the winery visits.

Now I find myself in the position of having a business trip to San Francisco, with a little extra time for fun. My lovely wife will be joining me and we plan to visit a few wineries.

We did a similar thing a couple of years ago, but because my business then brought me close to Amador County, I didn’t come here seeking advice for wineries to visit. My wife and I visited a few wineries in Amador, including Vino Noceto, and had a wonderful tour/dinner/tasting at Scott Harvey Winery.

But for this trip to San Francisco, I’m back here seeking advice. I know I want to visit Iron Horse Vineyards, but beyond that, I’m looking for suggestions. We basically have one day to spend in wine country, and we’re heading north to get to Iron Horse, in Sebastopol. So we’re looking for suggestions in that general area, or along the way. We don’t have any non-drinkers with us, so there isn’t any need for the places we visit to have fun stuff for non-drinkers to do.

Any suggestions?