Casemates on the Green 2023 (SoCal)

klezman thought this was worth mentioning said

Hi all!
The Pasadena Pops are back at the arboretum again this year! Looks like fewer shows than previous years so we probably need to figure our situation out earlier than previously. Looking forward to another great evening with fantastic friends, food, drink, and music!

Concert dates:
June 24 (Divas Through the Decades)
July 15 (Kings of Soul)
July 29 (Broadway)
August 12 (Viva Las Vegas)
August 26 (Music of Queen)
September 9 (Hollywood Blockbusters)

Content-wise, I’d pick Queen miles and miles ahead of the rest, but there’s a really good chance we’re out of town that weekend. Bummer.

Which dates are you all up for? I’d probably pick the July 15 dates from the other 5.

@MarkDaSpark (since you haven’t had your farewell gathering you’re still in LA, amiright?)