Has the community developed a consensus on what is (un)acceptable when splitting?

KNmeh7 went on a bit of a rant said

I haven’t had a lot of splits, and therefore have not developed a group of friends, but I am curious what are some of the prevailing customs.

For example, shipping. I would assume most that are buying cases are paying their VMP dues to be eligible for free shipping; does anyone ever include this in the cost of split, whether paid or not. (I never have, and am on the monthly dues plan.)

This has not happened to me, but how does one decide the value/cost/chance to split a rare or one-off bottle when sharing?

How do people pay? I am a fan of cash. Always have been, always will. I understand if someone wanted to venmo (etc.) as a good-faith payment on an expensive case, but otherwise, if I meet you in person to exchange bottles, just hand me cash. (Preferably not one-dollar bills from your recent serving shift, but I did ask for cash…)

Is rounding up something people do, or do they actually collect change? I feel if someone orders the entire case, they are entitled to the 99 possible cents from rounding up versus change (this is per order, not per bottle).

So, casemates, what do you think?